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What is Prospect?


What is Prospect High School?

Prospect High School is an alternative high school in the Mt. Diablo Unified School District. We focus on small class sizes, close interaction with teachers and staff, and credit recovery. We welcome all students who may perform well in a smaller high school environment or need to make up credits in order to graduate. 

Who Can Come To Prospect?

Any MDUSD student in 11th or 12th grade may apply to transfer to Prospect. Application packets are available through administrators and counselors at each high school.

Where is Prospect?

We are located on the campus of the Pleasant Hill Education Center. We share our main office space with Pleasant Hill Middle School. Our classrooms are located at the far end of the 300 wing. The classrooms are next to another alternative education school, the Horizons Center for Independent Study.

Which school do I graduate from?

You may graduate from either our Prospect Necessary Small High School or from your comprehensive high school (your home school). If you want to graduate from your home school, you will need to make up any additional credits or requirements for the comprehensive high school and re-enroll full-time for the second semester.

Does Prospect have a graduation ceremony?

As a small school, we join with other alternative schools in the district for our graduation ceremony. The ceremony is usually held at the Concord Pavilion, the same location as for all other MDUSD high schools in the district.

Whom can I speak for more information?

You may speak with your school counselor at your high school about Prospect. We also welcome inquires by prospective students and their families. Please feel free to contact Prospect with any questions. Prospect's school counselor, Ms. Rebecca Woo can be reached at