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The California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) is California state’s academic testing program. For more information, please visit MDUSD's Assessment, Research and Evaluation department's webpage

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What does CAASPP measure?

CAASPP is a system intended to provide information that can be used to monitor student progress and ensure that all students leave high school ready for college and career. 

CAASPP includes computer adaptive assessments in English-Language Arts and mathematics for students in grades 3-8, 11, 12 and science for students in grades 5 and 8. Testing usually occurs sometime between April and June.

Which students must take the CAASPP test?

Math and English tests

Grade 11:  All Grade 11 students must take the Math and English tests

Science test

Grade 12:  All Grade 12 students must take the Science test

How will the CAASPP test be administered?

Students will be taking the test on a secure web browser remotely. Math, English, and Science teachers will be administering the CAASPP.

CAASPP Spring-2021-Student-Testing-EN.pdf (PDF)

CAASPP homepage